Medical Billing Services, Reimbursement & Outstanding Accounts Receivable Collections, Medical Dictation Solutions to Dictate to Most Electronic Health Record Systems 


 We Provide Outsourced Medical Provider Solutions for Clinics, Small to Medium Size Practices, & Surgery Centers 


About us


Alliance Practice Management Services work with clients of every size, ranging from small solo practices, to large medical groups and healthcare organizations.

Our Claims Scrubber process ensures a high "clean claims rate".


Electronic claims submission within 24 hours.


Most claims are paid within 7 to 14 days. 

Full Reimbursement - Maximize Reimbursement with as much as 10-20% higher collections.

Fast Reimbursement Service - Improve Cash Flow by getting you paid up to 30% faster.


Coding Reviews to ensure optimal coding for full billing reimbursement on insurance carrier allowable amounts.

"Missed Opportunity" Review to identify missed billing opportunities.

Effective A/R Collection - We will recover old, uncollected A/R.

Personalized Service - Dedicated billers assigned to your practice. 


Our Proven Success is based on Commitment - Our Commitment comes from an unflinching devotion to highly accurate, timely, and professional billing, followed by our strong collections (A/R) activity to ensure that your clinical effort and time are maximally reimbursed. 



No software to buy, no hardware to maintain & no upfront costs.


Medical Billing & Consulting Services

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